Disney Castaway Cay

Our final destination on our cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy is Castaway Cay. The island is located near Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas and is exclusively visited by Disney Cruise Lines. Formerly known as Gorda Cay, the island was bought by Disney in 1996. The island’s only inhabitants are Disney cast members, making this a special and private experience for Disney enthusiasts. Castaway Cay is jam packed with everything Disney, as you can imagine.

As soon as you get off the ship you can use a tram to access different parts of the island or you can walk via the walk path. If you are looking to get away from the kids, it’s probably best to take the tram to reach Serenity Bay since it’s a bit of a walk to the other side of Castaway Cay. Don’t worry about rushing to get there because typically Serenity Bay isn’t very busy and there’s plenty of room and umbrellas for everyone. If you’re worried about lunch or food while enjoying Castaway Cay, don’t fret because food is served buffet style on both the kid and adult side of the island. The buffet is actually located right off the beach so it’s easy to access if you get the munchies.

Serenity Bay is quite awesome. The water is so calm and is crystal clear. This was my first trip to the Caribbean and have never seen anything like this. It was an enjoyable experience to take a dip in the water and not worrying about huge waves or sea-life that you can’t see. With that being said the deeper you get in the water, the larger the chance you may encounter some sea creatures like sea urchins or rays. I would recommend wearing some kind of water shoes if you plan on getting out there. In fact, there are signs posted near the beach warning of sea-life that could be poisonous, so be careful.

After spending some time in the water, we decided to rent a couple of bikes and explore Castaway Cay a bit more. We paid 6 bucks for each bike for one hour. One hour will give you plenty of time to see the bike trails and get back to the rental place in time. There is one main loop to the observation tower which is nice. All the trails are paved so it’s easy riding. You can also ride the bike back to the other side of the island where the kiddies are if you’d like. There’s one other main trail that runs along Serenity Bay where you can park your bike and see the bay from a lookout area. Unless you have lots of money to spend, taking a dip in the water and doing some bike riding will leave ou feeling like you’ve seen most of what there is to see.

You can book excursions on the ship that are somewhat pricey that will give you a chance to parasail, snorkel etc. There are also shops on the island where you can buy Disney apparel and souvenirs, but they are closer to where you board the ship. From our experience it looks best to hit those on the way out because most everyone stops there first on the way in.

All in all, this was the highlight of our trip simply because you didn’t get the peddlers and such like you see on St. Maarten and other ports. Castaway Cay definitely gives you the remote island and privacy feel that you don’t get on the other stops. Our only complaint is that we didn’t have enough time on the island on the 7 night cruise. If you are just wanting to experience Castaway Cay, I recommend a shorter 3 day cruise. It was by far our favorite stop and you don’t really get much time on the other stops to see and do everything, but that’s one of the negatives when you cruise.

Be sure to check out our segment on Castaway Cay below as well as our photos! Also, like us on Facebook to stay updated on our travels.

Disney Castaway Cay Photos


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