Taylor Creek Trail, Zion National Park

Double Arch Alcove - Taylor Creek Trail, Zion National ParkIn a less visited part of Zion National Park, the Taylor Creek Trail is located in the Kolob Canyons. The trailhead is a bit over 2 miles into the entrance. The parking area is well marked on the left. The hike is considered a moderate day hike and is a gradual 450 feet ascent in the shade. You’ll be crossing back and forth the creek numerous times, so wear some hiking boots or something that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. You should expect around 3-5 hours to complete the hike roundtrip and about 2 miles to reach the featured Double Arch Alcove, which is well worth the time.

Along the way you will encounter two cabins which are currently undergoing renovations by park rangers. The cabins were built back in the 1930s before this part of the park was added. Both cabins are before the Double Arch Alcove.

Taylor Creek Trail - Zion National ParkOnce you reach the alcove, you’ll notice it is a cave-like area where the sandstone has been washed away by water over time. We were lucky enough to experience the serenity of this area without other hikers because we got an early start. Later in the day, Taylor Creek Trail can get a bit congested as more people are finding out about the Kolob section of the park, so plan accordingly.

Taylor Creek Trail officially ends at the alcove, but you can follow the creek bed up further. If you push another .25 miles or so, you’ll crawl over some logs and boulders to find a very cool waterfall hidden away emptying into a small slot canyon. This isn’t on the park map, so advance at your own risk. Overall the hike was a nice change from the sun-baked trails Zion is notorious for. The temperatures are a bit cooler and it’s much more shaded.

Trail Details


Moderate day hike


2 miles into Kolob Canyons Entrance - Trailhead and parking area is on the left


3-5 hours


2.2 miles one way

Elevation Change

450 feet (gradual)




  1. Samuel Jeffery June 22, 2013 at Jun 22, 13 | 10:29 pm ·

    This looks like an incredible place to visit. I’m hoping to do a North American road trip next year; hopefully I’ll be able to include visiting Zion National Park.

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